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Medical Uses

Today, there is a new innovative procedure that will significantly improve the reliability, capacity, and performance of medical tools like surgical scalpels, delicate scissors, dental curettes, and burs. Medical instruments treated by MicroEdge® will have a smoother cut, greater durability, outstanding precision, and a longer lifespan. That means surgeons and dentists will use fewer blades and delicate scissors in surgeries, resulting in shorter and safer procedures.

(Right) Treated; (Left) Untreated

Microscopic fissures, gaps, and cracks hidden in the surfaces of metallic tools and instruments can make them dull, which can lead to unintended surgical outcomes and avoidable traumas to tissues. MicroEdge removes such defects, enhancing a tool’s performance and extending its lifespan by more than 300 percent.

After a few of her surgical instruments underwent treatment by MicroEdge, Susan, a plastic surgeon’s physician assistant, said could not believe the difference that the procedure made “not only with the ease and precision, but also, our patients had faster healing times.”

MicroEdge is safe on stainless steel and titanium tools. In general, if an instrument has to be re-sharpened or reground, it’s a perfect candidate for MicroEdge services. Treated tools typically have lifespans three-to-five times the production of non-treated instruments. Plus, once a tool is treated, none of the benefits from the procedure will be lost when it’s sent for repairs.

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