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Hair Shears and Clipper Blades

A new innovation has transformed the performance and lifespan of hair shears and clipper blades. Metal treatment by MicroEdge® not only enhances the cut and maneuverability of your shears and clipper blades, but it also leads to longer lifespans and durability for your instruments.

Microscopic fissures, gaps, and cracks hide within surfaces of hair shears and clipper blades. These imperfections cause instruments to underperform and wear more quickly. MicroEdge removes such defects, enhancing a tool’s performance and extending its lifespan by more than 300 percent.

MicroEdge metal treatment services are safe on stainless steel and titanium tools. In general, if an instrument has to be re-sharpened or reground, it’s a perfect candidate for MicroEdge. Treated tools typically have lifespans three-to-five times the production of non-treated instruments. Plus, once a shear or blade undergoes metal treatment by MicroEdge, none of the benefits from the process will diminish when it’s sent for repairs.

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