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The MicroEdge® ADVANTAGE

There are microscopic fissures, gaps, and cracks hidden in the surfaces of metallic tools and instruments. These cause metals to underperform and wear at a faster rate. MicroEdge® removes such defects, enhancing a tool’s performance and extending its lifespan by more than 300 percent.

This metal treatment not only increases the lifespan of a device, but also, improves its maneuverability and cut. Cracks within an instrument allow it to flex and move. But once these gaps are closed, the tool will perform with finer precision.

Typically, the outer layer of an instrument suffers the greatest amount of stress after heat-treatment. Each time an untreated tool is sharpened, its outer layer is removed, requiring the tool to be recoated after each regrinding.

MicroEdge services eliminates the need for coatings altogether, allowing for twice the number of regrinds. Once an instrument undergoes treatment, achieving the desired level of sharpness will require removing less material from the cutting edge.