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Tooling Uses

MicroEdge® services were developed to counter premature abrasive wear on cutting tools. If you were to look under a scanning electron microscope, a tool would show fissures, gaps, and cracks. These defects will cause your tool to underperform and wear at a quicker rate. Our treatment process will close those cracks, enhancing a tool’s performance. This will not only give you a smoother cut, but also extend the lifespan of a tool by 300 to 500 percent, as opposed to an untreated tool, saving time and money.

DENSO completed an exhaustive study of all the known treatments that improve the lifespan of tools. After a battery of tests, MicroEdge outperformed all the competition.

Companies, like TRW Automotive, that have used tools that were MicroEdge treated have also reported less downtown with machines due to tool replacement.

Types of tools that would benefit from this process include, but are not limited to, cutting inserts, end mills, dies, grinding wheels, and saw blades. In general, if a tool has to be re-sharpened or reground, it is a perfect candidate for MicroEdge.

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